Sligo Strippers | Born again stags with balls

Female Strippers Sligo

Sligo Strippers | Born again stags with balls

Sligo Strippers mean business

The Sligo Strippers will tell you why you really need to get on  the train. Indeed it’s 3h of a journey from Dublin to Sligo. Actually is a born again stag party destination. The lads don’t visit Sligo only for striptease lessons. Sligo offers a lot of option for the wandering stags. Bar with a countryside yet stylish vibe and a coastline full of adrenaline pumping activities are the key features.

While most of the stags are familiar with the tedious journey that takes them from pub to pub, Sligo will reveal a whole new dimension to those stagaroos.

A land far far way our Strippers call home

So why do the lads go mad about Sligo?

Maybe for the cold pints and the live music in the Garavogue Bar. Maybe because the  Dublin clubs, where the pint costs 7 euros and the women stripping won’t even talk to you, are as boring as a mother in law on speed. Let’s put it this way. When your missus has left you un****d and uncared for, when the boss is being a prick, when your best mate is getting married to a gowl…. That’s when you persuade the lads to go for a Stag in Sligo. Once you realise that the offer includes Atlantic waves, fine seafood and  amazing Strippers, Sligo is your only choice.

Stag Party to-do-list for Sligo

Unique stag activities are coasteering, for the lads that feel like climbing rocks and freezing their balls. Also surfing the Wild Atlantic Waves will give you an amazing buzz and a chef’s arse. But no activity finishes the day off better than a butt in the face stripper routine. Naturally such round and gorgeous implements belong only to the best strippers in the North West.

Then we have the usual suspects you find on any stag in the sticks

Clay pigeon shooting

Kite surfing

Carraig Climbing

SUP & Sail


Horse Riding

Mark our words Sligo will be a hell of a ride. The best of it, you are so far away….. and the mobile cove

Our Strippers also advise any stags that have their party during the soccer season not to miss the Sligo Rovers playing in their home turf. Nothing gets the lads going like a local soccer game. Especially when you are too plastered to care about who is winning.

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