Female Stripper Photos

Stripper Photos

Here is a small selection of our stripper photos of previous performances. While the line up might change, the quality of the girls remains the same. We mainly use photos that the happy Stag Party boys send us. While the quality of the photos taken from shaky hands is not fine art, you can clearly see how much fun they had. We regularly update our website with new material. So keep an eye open for our new strippers. Naturally you need to choose your Strippers carefully, so that they match your occasion.


Our Company Photo Policy

We allow stags to take photos as long as the performer is ok with it.  So here are the rules:

Stripper Photos are for your own consumption. Not to be put online unless we have given express permission first.

Always ask the performer if it is ok to take photos. If she doesn’t agree then hide your phone.

Sharing is caring. If you are allowed to take photos you need to send us a copy via WhatsApp or Viber. It is easy and we will credit you if you want us to.

Do not interrupt the show to take photos. Stag parties are meant to be fun, but be human please.  The show must go on.