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The Strippers in Ireland website,, is in fact a database of useful and funny info on how to party hard with Strippers. We cover the whole night life connected to Stag Parties, Birthday Parties and Hen parties.  On our pages you will find information about where to go and what to do for your hen and stag party.


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StripIreland : The most Informative Website for Strippers in Ireland

Strippers in Ireland now have a professional website for all kinds of information regarding the live entertainment scene. Hen Parties and Stag Parties looking to hire a stripper for the Stag or a Male Stripper for the Hen have a virtual store that offers not only strippers in Ireland but also tons of Hen Party and Stag Party Ideas.

If you are looking for information on Hens and Stags around Ireland check out our blog. As shown above our website is a database for anything that involves stags and hens. Since we work closely with Hen and Stag Party organisers and venues, we can offer free advice on how to have a blast on you Hen, Stag or Night out. Naturally, we can throw in the basket the best looking and most professional Strippers in Ireland.