Westport Strippers

Westport Strippers

Westport Female Strippers: The calorie free dessert

The Wild Atlantic Way reaches its foodie pitstop in Westport. Our Westport Female Strippers know that good food compliments a good stripshow like lemons compliment the tequila shots. And Stag Crews on these shores of wild beauty will sample the many award winning restaurants of Westport. And the Tequila. Leave the best for last: a heart pumping stripogram in clothing that make Victoria Secret models look nuns on a parade.

Fine Dining in the An Port Mor or a freshly caught cod and chips. Make sure you leave enough energy to enjoy the show. The Jester is home to many Stag Parties and you can find the Westport Female Strippers enjoying the live music. If you are lucky enough you can even watch them move their divine bodies to the beat. Nothing beats the fully naked show though.

Book the Westport Ladies for a gooooood goodbye to your single habits.

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